Working with you

Working with you

Our UK Transmission Customer and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

A key element of our UK ambition is to make our customers and stakeholders the focus of everything we do. Our UK Transmission Customer and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy shows how we intend to do this.

Our strategy is based around the key themes of AccountAbility’s AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard 2015 (AA1000SES), an internationally-recognised standard for stakeholder engagement excellence. This standard is applicable for both internal and external engagement across a wide variety of organisations, and represents the best available benchmark for what we are trying to achieve.

The four main process steps within AA1000SES are summarised in the diagram below:

To support this, we have made a number of commitments to our customers and stakeholders.

We have committed that we will:

  1. Listen to your views so we can understand what you need and expect, and find solutions
  2. Proactively engage and build trust through close working relationships based on openness and honesty
  3. Help you understand our business by clearly explaining our perspectives and how these may influence overall decision making
  4. Work together to find innovative ways of building a network for the future
  5. Take responsibility for delivering what we say we’ll deliver and do even better wherever we can
  6. Act on your feedback

We aim to honour these commitments in all of our customer and stakeholder relationships.


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