How we work together

How we work together

We work together with all our stakeholders to help drive our plans and shape the direction of our projects. We welcome your input and feedback.

Customer Low Cost Connections (CLoCC) aims to minimise the cost and time of new gas connections to the National Transmission System (NTS).

The project is developing a new web-based customer connections platform and producing ‘off-the-shelf’ standardised designs for connections that can be used regardless of the size of connection, or type of gas.

To find out more and get involved - Project CLoCC

Future of Gas – is developing insights on the future role of gas. It is pulling together the wealth of information that already exists on this topic, including analysis by the GB gas distribution networks; our latest Future Energy Scenarios and additional scenarios and reports produced by the energy industry and academics.

With our unique position in the industry we believe we are well-placed to facilitate this debate and to provide an overall view of how gas can be a partner to electricity in a low-carbon future.

To find out more and get involved - Future of Gas

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