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Gas Quality Consultation

National Grid invited industry views on a number of aspects pertaining to NTS gas quality arrangements during October and November 2017.  The need for this consultation arose largely from issues raised in the UNC Modification 0607 workgroup concerning how National Grid should assess requests to amend gas quality limits in Network Entry Agreements; in particular, how we should allocate increased limits where our ability to do so is limited by other obligations.

We also took the opportunity in this consultation to assess the demand for, and desirability of, National Grid providing new gas quality services in the future.

The consultation document is published below, together with all non-confidential replies that we received.  We will be further engaging with the industry in January 2018 at the Transmission Workgroup meeting prior to publishing a consultation report in which we will set out our proposed next steps.   

Consultation document



Links to all non-confidential responses appear below

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