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Electricity Ten Year statement

The Electricity Ten Year Statement (ETYS) was first published in November 2012 to combine the former National Grid electricity publications, the Seven Year Statement (SYS) and the Offshore Development Information Statement (ODIS).

We publish the ETYS annually in our role as National Electricity Transmission System Operator (NETSO), with contribution from the GB Transmission Owners including Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission and Scottish Power Transmission. This ETYS is part of the annual electricity transmission planning cycle and shows the likely future transmission requirements of bulk power transfer capability of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS). We assess transmission requirements by analysing the 2015 Future Energy Scenarios (FES), which help us capture a wide range of future needs. The transmission requirement we present in the ETYS refers to the wider transmission system reinforcements only.

NG Electricity Transmission Ten Year Statement - 2015

NG Electricity Transmission Ten Year Statement - 2016

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