General Performance

General Performance

This page provides you with our yearly performance summaries and data tables for our Electricity Transmission and Gas Transmission Businesses. Click on the orange boxes below to see the different years' reports.

Our 2016/17 summaries are now available to view.



Performance Documents 16/17

Click on the links below to read about our Gas Transmission or our Electricity Transmission annual performance summary.



Performance Documents 15/16

Click on the links to the various documents below to find out more

For the full report: NGGT_Our_Performance_report.pdf

To watch a short video about our performance in Gas Transmission click on animation.pdf

For a 1-page summary: NGGT_InfoGraphic.pdf

For our forecast expenditure, allowances and incentive information: NGGT_Data_Tables.pdf


For the full report: NGET_Our_Performance_report.pdf

To watch a short video about our performance in ElectricityTransmission click on electricity_animation.pdf

For a 1-page summary: NGET_InfoGraphic.pdf

For forecasts of expenditure, allowances, and incentive information: NGET_Data_Tables.pdf


Performance Documents 14/15 Performance Documents 13/14

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