Environmental and Innovation

Environmental and Innovation


Environmental objectives are central to the current and future development of the energy sector, largely driven by EU and UK decarbonisation, renewable energy and security of supply objectives. The electricity sector is expected to help achieve these aims by increasing its use of low-carbon technology.  In order to decarbonise Britain’s electricity supply we will need to play a key role in providing timely supporting transmission infrastructure. To encourage this behaviour the Environmental Discretionary Reward incentivises our Electricity Transmission business to provide evidence on how we are achieving high standards in environmental management, as well as facilitating the industry towards a low carbon energy system.

Our latest Delivering Our Environemntal Future - Annual Statement for 2018 is now live

We hope you find the statement an enjoyable and informative read. We want to know what you found most useful and where you’d like more in-depth information. We also want to trigger further debate about whether we’re doing enough, so please email us at talkingnetworkstransmission@nationalgrid.com with your suggestions and take part in our online survey.

Innovation – Gas Transmission

As part of our enduring commitment to innovation, National Grid Gas Transmission (NGGT) continues to nurture a culture of innovation to deliver value to our customers and stakeholders by driving improvements in our business processes and technology application.

Over the past four years, NGGT has developed a strong portfolio of over 110 projects, demonstrating a robust pipeline for new ideas and solid project management in delivery. A key area of focus for the past 12 months has been on the implementation of new learning and project outputs to provide more transparency on the value delivered to date for our customers and stakeholders. As a result, NGGT has produced an Innovation Value Mid-Term Report, focussed on assessing and assuring the value already delivered and committed through 10 case studies. Benefits realised to date are £6.9m, demonstrating a positive benefit ratio of approximately 4:1 against cost incurred across the 10 case studies with significant opportunity for future benefits.

More information can be found here: innovation and to get in touch with the Innovation Team please contact: box.InnovationTransmission@nationalgrid.com

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